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Welcome to the LSA of WA

 “The Association’s purpose is to represent the interests of packaged liquor store retailers in Western Australia by encouraging and promoting a responsible, sustainable and diverse packaged liquor industry”

The LSA of WA is the not-for-profit governing body that represents the interests of all licensed liquor stores in Western Australia. Liquor stores are the dominant sector of the liquor trade, as over 65% of package liquor retail sales are made through liquor stores. The Liquor Stores Association of WA commenced activities in 1952 and has around 400 members representing over 90% of active liquor stores in Western Australia.

Our aim is to be a strong but reasoned advocate of liquor stores interests and to realise a dynamic and prosperous liquor store sector that provides a responsible service to the Western Australian community. We are recognised by the State and Federal Government and its agencies as the elected representative of packaged liquor retailers in Western Australia. In this capacity we make submissions and representations to the Government and its agencies on all issues that affect liquor stores, and we maintain close liaison with the Government and with members of Parliament to ensure that the interests of liquor stores are represented.

We are the public voice of liquor stores – a key role of which is to engage with the media (press, radio and TV) and present the public image of our liquor retailers. We also seek and access to advice and assistance for our licensees, and through arrangements with affiliates and corporate partners members are able to access expert advice on legal issues, accounting, business planning, marketing and promotion, and industrial relations.

The LSAWA, with the other state and territories member bodies, apart from Queensland and Tasmania as they have differently structured liquor licensing acts, forms the national Australian Liquor Stores Association (ALSA), that by extension, represents 3300 liquor merchants engaged in the retail liquor industry.

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