Iron Jack Full Strength Lager – A Beer For Every Man And His Dog

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The Legendary Brewing Co. is set to release a new chapter in its brief history – Iron Jack Full Strength Lager.

It will be the second beer in the Iron Jack stable, building on the success of 2017’s mid strength, Crisp Australian Lager, which sold over 16 million litres in its first eight months, making it Australia’s biggest beer launch in a decade.

Iron Jack Full Strength Lager is 4.2% ABV and features pale malts balanced with the aroma from a light dose of Saaz hops, which gives a super crisp finish and maximum thirst-crushing refreshment. It’s also preservative free and has 30 per cent less carbs than regular full strength beers.

The new beer will stay true to the master brand’s philosophy of celebrating the long held Aussie past time of sharing stories over a great beer.

“Iron Jack is a brand inspired by Australia’s legendary outdoorsmen and the traditional values they portray like loyalty, strength and generosity. It’s about recognising that the role of the modern Aussie male is evolving, but those old school traits are still as important now as they used to be,” Lion’s Contemporary Portfolio Manager, Amy Darvill said.

Like its predecessor, whose brand campaign featured Australian sporting identity, Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins, Iron Jack Full Strength is designed to appeal to the modern male beer lover looking for a super crisp, thirst quenching beer.

“The everyday bloke of today enjoys spinning a yarn and some of them are even true. We believe in the traditional Australian way. By living with integrity, mateship and giving all a fair go, you’re well on your way to achieving ‘good bloke status’. Iron Jack has tapped into that – it’s a great tasting beer for those who are comfortable in their own skin. It’s a beer for men who are unapologetically themselves – and that’s refreshing,” said Cummins.

The launch of Iron Jack Full Strength will be supported by a new brand campaign and TVC set to launch later in 2018.

Iron Jack Full Strength Lager will be available from July 16 2018 in 330ml bottles, 375ml cans and on tap at selected outlets nationally. For more information head to or visit

About Legendary Brewing Co.
The Legendary Brewing Co. (LBC) was established as a new trademark by Lion in 2017. The LBC produces stories that are fictional but familiar, taking inspiration from and celebrating Australia and its characters. The first beer under the LBC trademark is IRON JACK, which celebrates legendary outdoorsmen who thrive in Australia’s hot, rugged country. The LBC was also inspired by the great Australian breweries; Boag’s (1883), Castlemaine (1878), Tooheys (1869) and West End (1859). These breweries have been around 150 years and have a few of their own stories to share.

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