Liquor Stores congratulate McGowan government on passage of new law

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The peak body for liquor stores in Western Australia has welcomed the passage of the Liquor Control Amendment Bill 2018 through the Legislative Council last night.

Liquor Stores Association of WA (LSAWA) Chairman Lou Spagnolo said he was very pleased that both Houses of Parliament have now thoroughly debated the Bill and passed it.

“The new law will see some significant changes to Western Australia’s liquor industry, the majority of which the LSAWA is proud to have supported,” Mr Spagnolo said.

“Perhaps the most controversial change is the government’s plan to limit the maximum size of new liquor stores to be allowed within a certain distance of others.”

“I am very proud to report that the LSAWA responded to that and other parts of the Bill in a highly professional and balanced way, despite the measure prompting Woolworths to resign from our Association.”

“The Board carefully considered each of the changes being proposed by government and our highly skilled administration team worked with Minister Papalia and balance of power Members of Parliament to explain where changes needed to be made.”

“As a result, the Bill that will soon become a law that strikes a very good balance on most key issues and should contribute to a more sustainable and diverse future for our industry.”

“The Liquor Stores Association of WA congratulates Minister Papalia for tackling some of the biggest and most difficult issues facing our industry. We look forward to continuing our work with the government on the details of the subsidiary legislation.”

“Finally, on behalf of the vast majority of our members who operate responsible, community-minded small businesses, I formally acknowledge the dedication and high-quality political advice consistently provided by our relatively new CEO, Mr Peter Peck.

“Peter’s work on this Bill and many other aspects of our business has ensured that the views of our members are once again heard and respected by those who make the rules,” Mr Spagnolo concluded.