Liquor Stores support reform but await detail

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The Liquor Stores Association of Western Australia (LSAWA) has welcomed today’s public confirmation that the McGowan Government will prioritise reform of the State’s liquor laws this year.

LSAWA CEO Peter Peck said the government’s announcement today appeared to contain some positive themes but very little detail of any proposed changes.

“We have been working hard to build trusting, proactive relationships with government and support many of the general themes contained in the government media events this morning,” Mr Peck said.

“For example, the stated goal of cutting red tape and providing more opportunities for the responsible service of a product that delivers many positive outcomes for our State is wonderful.”

“Under the current Liquor Laws, several inexplicable anomalies create inequity biased against our members in particular, so hearing the promise to introduce amendments that will ‘provide greater convenience, choice and flexibility for visitors and locals alike’ is refreshing at the least.”

Of the specific changes mooted, the LSAWA will await the detail to make comprehensive comment, however Mr Peck offered the following initial response to proposed changes regarding restaurants.

“The LSAWA is likely to have no issue with small restaurants serving alcohol without a meal as long as they are subject to the same application and security requirements of similar venue and any liquor removed from the premises is explicitly limited to open, partly consumed containers.”

“The LSAWA is a proud leader in the promotion of responsible reform regarding WA’s liquor culture and as such, welcome the government’s promise to ‘modernise’ underpinning laws.”

“We will await the detail of the proposed changes before making comprehensive comment and look forward to continuing to work with government to correct regulatory inequity, reduce red tape and ensure the future viability of the hundreds of Western Australian small businesses we proudly represent,” Mr Peck concluded.