Open letter to non-members: We need your support now more than ever

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The Endeavour Drinks Group (Woolworths, including Dan Murphy’s) resigned its membership from the Liquor Stores Association (LSAWA) in late February after our Board supported the government’s proposed new laws to slow the spread of massive packaged liquor outlets.

The new law is currently being debated Members of Parliament are being aggressively lobbied by those who want no limitations on the size or number of so-called “liquor barns”.

The LSAWA cannot even come close to matching the big players with the level of resources they have to try to block this new law.

Although we can’t compete financially, with your support we have something much more impactful to politicians – votes.

We urgently need you to be a registered member of the LSAWA so we will have the power to influence the political parties to stand with us and back your business into the future. And stop the spread of Big Boxes.

The LSAWA now exclusively represents independently-owned liquor stores ONLY

By becoming a member, your fees will certainly help continue our work to ensure sensible and fair regulations for independent liquor stores, but that is only half of the value of joining with us.

While we have worked hard over the past 18 months to rebuild relationships with government and have used that influence to deliver plenty of extremely positive policy outcomes for our members, there are many other great reasons to join.

Internally, we have implemented a fairer constitution, restructured our administration, adopted new governance controls and gone to great lengths to build systems that enable us to share information with and importantly, listen to and respond to our members. We are also working with some amazing Corporate Members and Business Partners to secure better cost-saving deals and highly valuable information and training exclusively for our members.

Personally, I am proud to have been part of implementing so many of the Board’s strategic changes so far. However, we have a lot more to do and now more than ever need as many independent liquor store licensees to join us and participate in the work we are doing to ensure our industry has a strong and vibrant future.

Finally, if you’ve been disappointed by something we have done – or not done – in the past, please give me a call to tell me about it. I will respect your decision to not re-join but would deeply appreciate learning what went wrong so I can make certain it doesn’t happen to others in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Peck

Please call to join now. We need your support and as an incentive, offer 15 months for the price of 12 – join now and don’t renew until July 2019!